Changes in LLP Companies

Eliminate risk of non-compliance by following all statutory compliance requirements for your business.

An LLP is not required to get itself audited unless its turnover exceeds INR 40,00, 000 or its capital is more than INR 25,00,000. However, it has to file Income Tax Returns, submit its Annual Return and file a statement of solvency and its financial statements.

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    LLP changes, Changes made in LLP, LLP name change,

    Change Scenarios

    Changes in LLP

    • General changes in the Agreement
    • Changes to the name and/or objective of the LLP
    • Change of registered office of the LLP, which falls within the ambit of the ROC
    • Change of registered office from one ROC to another, or from one state to another
    • Transmission of Rights in case of death of Partner or Director.

    Changes in Partners of LLP

    • Resignation or removal of Partners
    • Introduction of new Partner
    • Sharing of profit and loss ratio of the Partners
    • LLP amendments

    Changes in LLP Agreement

    The LLP agreement serves as the partnership deed for computation of stamp duty  to be paid to the State Govt. for the agreement. If no agreement exists, the partner relationship is monitored by the schedule I of the LLP Act.

    However, the LLP agreement must be filed within 30 days of its incorporation. Likewise, if there is any change to this agreement, the same must be mandatorily filed within 30 days of the proposed change. This is a legal requirement.

    Forms & Timelines

    General Changes

    Form 3 to be filed within 30 days of the change

    Name Change

    Form 5 to be filed within 30 days of the change

    Change of Registered Office

    Form 15 to be filed within 30 days of change

    Introduction of New Partner

    Form 4 to be filed within 30 days of appointment

    Resignation or Removal of Partner

    Form 4 to be filed within 30 days of change