Financial Health Check

Evaluate key parameters of your business like the integrity of your accounts, income, expenses, savings, assets & liabilities, that are indicators of the health of your business operations.

Our expert team can help you with this critical step in your financial planning and provide insights and recommendations for strengthening your financial position.

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    Evaluate your KPIs to understand the pulse of your business. Assess the liquidity, profitability and operating efficiency-some measurable metrics that demonstrate how effectively your company is achieving its key business objectives.

    KPI’s are measured using

    • Financial Metrics – EBIT, EBITDA, Break-even point, Contribution margin, Interest coverage ratio, Average collection period, to name a few.
    • Sales metrics – Sales target, sales per region/per salesman, growth trend, lead to sales %, product performance and no. of customer complaints
    • Supply Chain metrics – Inventory turnover ratio, Days Sales Inventory (DSI), Obsolete stock, Slow-moving stock, Carrying cost of inventory, On-time deliveries.

    An organization is said to be at its best when revenues are growing steadily, expenses are balanced with low debt ratios and increase in the profitability ratios.

    The PCFO team can help you with identifying the right KPIs for your business, and set up tracking and analysis mechanisms for effective monitoring and decision making.