Company Fresh Start Scheme (CFSS-2020)

The Central Government, in a move to encourage defaulting companies to rectify their non-compliance, has launched the Companies Fresh Start Scheme effective April 1 2020.

As per this scheme, any defaulting company can file its pending documents, evaded annual returns to the ROC without any penalty or additional fees. This comes as a boon for companies to carry out due diligence, address the gaps and avoid any such deviations in future.

This scheme will continue until Sept 30, 2020.

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    Key Points & Timelines


    Any defaulting company can make use of this scheme and file the relevant forms with ROC.

    No Additional Fee or Penalty

    Any additional fee due to a lapse in filing returns with ROC or not following other guidelines, and any other penalty are waived off under this scheme. This is to encourage companies to address the gaps in their procedures and stay fully compliant.

    Due Diligence

    Our professional team will help check your due diligence and file all pending returns with the ROC

    Target and End Dates

    The last date for filing an immunity application after filing all pending returns with the ROC is March 31, 2021. This scheme will end on Sept 30, 2020, post which all penalties and additional fees become applicable as usual.

    Eligible Forms

    • INC – 20A for Declaration of Commencement of Business
    • AOC – A for filing company Balance Sheet
    • MGT – 7 for filing Annual Return
    • ADT – 1 for filing return on Auditor Appointment
    • ADT – 3 for filing return on Auditor Resignation
    • DIR – 3 KYC for updating Director KYC
    • INC – 22A for company KYC
    • DIR – 11 for Notice of Resignation of a Director
    • DIR – 12 for Director Or KMP Appointment or to file changes
    • 20 – B for filing Annual Return under the Companies Act, 1956
    • 23 – AC for filing of the Balance Sheet as per the Companies Act, 1956
    • Form – 66 for acquiring Compliance Certificate
    • DPT – 3 to file return on Deposits
    • All other forms if allowed

    Companies Not Eligible for this Scheme

    • If company closure application has already been filed
    • If company closure has already commenced
    • If companies are under amalgamation
    • If company is in dormant state and application has been filed
    • If company has filed forms to increase its capital