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Providing rights to the author or creator of any work is Copyright. Work including Literary, Musical, Dramatic, Artistic, Cinematographic Films and Sound Recordings are protected under copyright. It is a best practice to get copyrights as soon as you create a piece of work.

As per Section 13 of the Copyright Act, 1957, a copyright can be registered only on an original work and is valid for 60 years from the date first published.

Our expert team can help you register copyrights for your work and protect it from unlawful use, for INR 6,999 only.

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    copyright registrations


    • Literary work – Original creation of fiction, biographies, technical papers, books, dramatics, scripts, research work, thesis, computer programs and many more.
    • Artistic work – As per Section 2 of the Copyright Act, all original creation of paintings, sculptures, graphics, cartoons, lithographs, photography, drawings, plans, maps, diagrams, charts, model buildings, buildings, moulds and casts.
    • Cinematography – All visual recordings accompanied by sound recordings.
    • Dramatic work – All creation of stage plays, choreography, scenic work.
    • Musical and Sound work – All sound and music recordings.

    Minimum Documents

    • Copyright questionnaire
    • Classification and description of the work
    • No objection certificate from the author of the work
    • Power of attorney for filing copyright

    Specification Must Contain Following

    • Work description for which copyright is sought
    • Two copies of the work must be submitted for review
    • Statement of Particulars and further particulars
    • A declaration from the author/applicant
    • Power of attorney in the name of lawyer