Design Registration

According to the Designs Act, 2000 and Design Rules, 2001, registration and protection was applied on industrial designs in India. This was enforced on May 11, 2001. The Design Rules have undergone several amendments. According to the latest amendment, a small entity has been included with other types of entities.

Creating new and original shapes, new configurations, new patterns on surfaces, ornament designs, and different lines and colors are all included within the scope of design and can be registered.

Our expert team can help you register your art work and designs to protect them from unlawful use, for INR 7,999 only.

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      Copyright registration

      Basic Checklist

      Why Design Registration

      • Protects the owner’s rights on the creation and helps against infringement
      • Copyrighted products have good visibility in the market
      • Dissemination, translation, redesign rights rest with the owner
      • Copyright registered in India allows protection of the creation outside India
      • Promotes branding of the creation

      Minimum Documents

      • Copyright questionnaire
      • Classification and description of the work
      • No objection certificate from the author of the work
      • Power of attorney for filing copyright

      Process & Timeline


      Design questionnaire, class and description of the creation, color pictures of the physical design and Power of Attorney Form-21

      Design Specification

      Drafting of detailed specification of the design created

      Design Filing

      Once the specification is ready, the design application is filed online. Filing fees of INR 1,000 has to be paid for the registration

      Department Queries

      Respond to any objections or queries raised by the concerned department

      Certificate Issue

      If the Department does not have any objection and is satisfied with your responses, the certificate of design registration valid for 60 years, is allotted