Patent Registration

We help you acquire patent rights for new innovative ideas and solutions and for which rights have not been claimed. Patent registration is a complex process and needs caution and high exposure to the process. Our professional team has the necessary exposure and experience in getting it done smoothly.

Inventions, industrial solutions which are commercially beneficial are eligible for patent rights.

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    Patent registrations,

    Basic Checklist

    Types of Patents in India

    • Ordinary – In this application, the invention is showcased by the Indian inventor for the first time. A patent can be filed on the invention with a provisional or with the entire specification. In case of provisional specification, re-application with complete details must be filed within 12 months.
    • Convention – According to the Paris convention on patents, the first disclosure or “Prior Art” is valued more.
    • According to the Patent Co-Operation Treaty, an international application for patent can be filed from India for 152 contracting countries. First the application is reviewed by the international examination authority, and then, the applicant can file from the national phase application.

    Necessary Documents

    • Digital Signature of the Applicant
    • Authorization to the patent attorney
    • Questionnaire
    • A signed copy of Patent Specification
    • Declaration of Inventorship signed by the Inventor
    • Prior art related documents for international applicants


    • Title of Patent
    • Summary of the patent specification
    • Detailed specification demonstrating the functions
    • Drawings and flowcharts, if any
    • Patent claims

    Our Pricing Table

    Standard Package –

    Partnership Deed Preparation
    Partnership Deed Notarization
    PAN & TAN
    GST Registration

    Executive Package –

    Standard Pack +

    Demo text
    GST Support
    TDS Return Filing

    Premium Package –

    Executive Pack +

    Partnership Firm Registration with ROF
    Accounting Software

    Process & Timeline

    Patent Eligible

    Check if the invention can be patented

    Patent Specification

    Detailed specification of the invention such as drawing, charts, and sketches to explain the invention functionality


    Patent can be filed in India with full or partial specification. In case of partial, the complete details must be filed within 12 months

    No Objection

    The patent application is reviewed by the patent office and if no objection is raised, the patent is allocated

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