PF & ESIC Registration

If the number of employees in a company exceeds 20, registration with Employers Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is mandatory. Registering with the EPFO should be made within 30 days of reaching the limit of 20 employees.

Registering your company with the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is mandatory for every employer who employs more than 10 employees. The application must be filed within 30 days of reaching the limit.

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    Benefits & Checklist

    Benefits of ESIC

    1. For private sector, the Central Govt. pays the employers contribution for 3 years
    2. An employee/worker or dependents receive an amount of INR 10,000 for performing last rites of family members
    3. Compensation and rehabilitation is provided to an injured or disabled employee
    4. Medical support is provided to retired or disabled employees and their spouses

    Documents Required for PF Registration

    1. Certificate of Incorporation
    2. PAN card, ID card, and address proof
    3. Digital signature with specimen signature
    4. Cancelled cheque leaf
    5. List of employees
    Minimum requirements for LLP

    Process & Timelines

    PF Registration

    Documents & Digital Signature

    Scanned copies of the documents are uploaded in the prescribed DPI. Then, DSC of Class II is made for the director/partner, and the application is filed online.

    Employer Profile Registration

    The employer profile is created on the EPFO portal and is confirmed via OTP to mobile and PAN verification

    DSC Registration

    DSC must be registered on the PF portal

    PF Registration

    Finally, the PF application is filed and PF number is acquired on approval

    ESIC Registration

    ESIC Eligibility

    Employers with more than 10 employees must register for ESIC and provide benefits to employees

    Wage Limit

    Only those employees drawing a salary of INR 21,000 or less, are eligible for ESIC

    Contribution Ratio

    Employer must contribute 3.25% and employee must contribute 0.75%

    Payment & Return Filing

    Employer must file ESIC Return on or before the the 21st of every month. The return period is six months, from April to September within a financial year.