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Intentionally designed our services to support you from incorporation to establishing your business and setting you on your growth path in the shortest possible time.

Contact us today to register your company under the Start-up India Registration Scheme and reap the benefits. Have a glance through the benefits and requirements.

Start-up India Registration - Benefits

Tax Exemption

Startups who are eligible can apply for tax exemption for 3 consecutive financial years in the first span of 10 years.

Funds of Funds in Start-ups Scheme

Become eligible for benefiting out of the Funds of Funds Start-ups Scheme and avail funds from the 10,000 crore corpus

Govt. Tender and Procurement Scheme

Participate in tenders without prior experience or security deposit. Additionally, display products on Government e-marketplace.

Tax Relief

Eligible start-ups getting financial assistance from Accredited Investors, Non-residents, AIFs are also exempted under Section 56(2) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

No Labour Law Inspection

Start-ups can now self-declare and comply to guidelines and regulations without any fear of Labour Law Inspection

Discounts and Rebate

Start-ups can enjoy 50% discounts on Trademark fee and 80% rebate on Patent filing fee

Foreign Investor Loans

Start-ups can now avail loans from Foreign Investors easily upto $ 3 million for every financial year following simple RBI compliance

Acceptance of Deposits 2014

Private companies can accept deposits from its members for a period of 5 years from incorporation as per the rule given in Acceptance of Deposits 2014

State Govt. Incentives

State Govt. announces various loans and rebates for start-ups to get their business started

Eligibility & Documentation Required

Eligibility Check

  • Private Ltd. Co./LLP/Partnership Firm
  • If a company offers innovative products or services
  • Company is not more than 10 years old
  • Company turnover is below INR 100 crore
  • The business model demands high potential of wealth creation and employment

Documents Required

  • Incorporation Certificate/Partnership Registration Certificate
  • Write-up of the business model
  • Company PAN card
  • Company profile

Registration For Resident Indians

Sole Proprietor
Partnership Registration
Partnership - Ltd. Liability
Independent Ownership
Section 8 License
GST Registration
ROC Filing & Registration
Private Ltd. Registration
MSME Registration
Trademark Registration

Registration For Foreign Companies

Foreign Company Registration with RBI & ROC

A Foreign Company can register a branch in India if the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) permits. The branch office must be registered with ROC and the State Police Department. Our customer relationship team has access to the officials in the relevant department to get the company registered.

Minimum Requirements

  • The foreign company must have a good net worth track record, at least $ 1,00,000 in a 5-year span.
  • Profit earned in India can be remitted abroad after local taxes. Indian tax @ 40% plus surcharges are applicable on the profits earned.

Our tax and financial experts can help with accurate tax computation and support all through with filing and tax payment.


A Foreign Company can open a liaison office in India with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) permission. It must be registered with ROC and the State Police. Our customer relationship experts have access to the departments and get the process completed effortlessly.

Minimum Requirements

  • The Foreign company must have a proven track record of $ 50,000 in a span of 3-years.
  • This office does not earn income, and all operations must be borne by the parent company.
  • The name should be the same as the foreign company. Every liaison office must be approved by the RBI.
  • If the transaction made in India is used for commercial purposes, income tax might be enforced by the IT department.

Call us or chat with us to understand the process and register your office without much hassles.


RBI grants permission for registering an offshore center by foreign companies in India. A written agreement on the project execution must be signed by the foreign company, the Indian government or private party.

Minimum Requirements

  • A formal contract of the project execution
  • Clearance from local authorities
  • Foreign funding for company operations
  • Local business loans from public sector financial institutions.

What are you waiting for? Get your offshore facility registered. Our team of experts are ready to help get incorporated and up running.

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