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Protect your Logo, Brand Name, and Domain Name

We help to file your TM application online with India’s No 1 Trademark Registration Company. We also do a search in IP database, help classify and suggest @ INR 11,999.

Trademark for a company is a unique mark or sign that is used to uniquely identify a company and develop its credibility. If a brand or logo or name is not registered as trademark, anybody can misuse it to publish their products or services. This might come heavily upon businesses in way of financial or economic loss in a very long-term.

It is always a good practice to register brand names, tag lines, logo, label, product names, and domains as trademark items and protect them from misuse.

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    Trademark registrations

    What we do

    • Trademark search
    • Authorization letter
    • Online trademark application filing and processing
    • Filling up the Form TM-A
    • Consultation on trademark classification
    • Follow-up on the registration process

    Necessary Documentation

    • Copy of trademark to be registered
    • Identity proof of the trademark owner
    • Address proof of the owner
    • Address proof of the company
    • Questionnaire
    • Entity-specific authorization documents

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