Trademark Registrations

A trademark for a company is a mark or sign that is used to uniquely identify a company and develop its credibility. If a brand or logo or name is not registered as trademark, anybody can misuse it to publish their products or services. This might adversely affect businesses by way of financial or economic losses in the long-term.

It is always a good practice to register brand names, tag lines, logos, labels, product names and domains as trademark items and protect them from misuse.

We help protect your logos, brand names and domain names by filing your trademark application online with India’s No 1 Trademark Registration Company. We also do a search in the IP database, help classify and suggest categories.

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    Trademark registrations

    We do a search to check availability of a mark and also to find if any other similar or identical mark exists. Based on the availability the trademark is registered.

    As per the World Intellectual Property Office, goods and services are classified under 45 categories. We provide our suggestions to fit the product or service within one of the categories.

    You can start using the ™ symbol immediately after we file the application for trademark registration. However, this symbol is not a confirmation of the registration.

    Once the trademark application is approved and the registration process is complete, you can use the ® mark. The process of registration and approval takes upto 10 months.

    Basic Checklist

    Necessary Documentation

    Filing for trademarks has been made simple with an online process, and takes only 24 hours to complete. The documents necessary to file the application are as follows:

    • Duly signed and authorized Form 48
    • Photo identity proof of the applicant such as the PAN card, Passport or Aadhar card
    • Company Certificate of Incorporation, if the trademark is for a company or LLP
    • Udyog Aadhar registration certificate
    • Logo if available
    • Address proof like Aadhar card
    Minimum requirements for LLP