Changes to Main Object of MOA

Changes to objects in the MOA involves amending the MOA of the company. For this, an EGM must be initiated and 75% of the shareholders’ approval must be taken. This is passed as a special resolution in the EGM and is filed with the ROC using form MGT-14 along with the amended MOA.
Changes to the main object are initiated by a company when the business perspective changes or the originally envisaged activities are modified. The MOA main objects are critical clauses that determine the base purpose of the company.
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    Documents Required

    ✔ MOA & AOA in word document

    ✔ Existing Certificate of Incorporation

    ✔ List of Company Directors & Shareholders

    ✔ Proposed main object of the company

    ✔ Digital signature of the authorized signatory

    ✔ 10 letterheads and stamp of the Director

    Minimum requirements for LLP

    Procedure of Name Change

    Board of Directors' Approval

    Changing to a new object for the company or modifying the existing object clause must be decided in a board meeting. Notice as per the standards prescribed by ICSI in SS-1.must be sent to the directors with the meeting agenda and the proposed resolution

    Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

    A shareholders meeting must be initiated to take their approval. An EGM must be conducted to seek their approval. Directors must send a notice to shareholders 21 days prior to the meeting. The EGM notice must hold the meeting agenda and the proposed main object as a special resolution.

    Special Resolution to ROC

    The special resolution requires 75% voting rights. Once the shareholders approve the resolution, the modified MOA is filed with ROC for approval using Form MGT-14 within 30 days of passing the resolution.

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