Company Name Change

A company’s name is its unique identity, which is provided in the Name Clause of the MOA. You may want to change the name of your company for a new branding, mergers or amalgamation, or change in business functions and so on. However, at least 75% of the company shareholders must approve the change.
This change of name must be reported to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) using Form MGT-7.
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    Steps to File Name Change with ROC



    RUN filing with ROC

    Reserve the new name with ROC by filing RUN

    MOA & AOA Alteration

    Once the name is approved, file MGT-14, which is the resolution for altering the MOA & AOA with the new name

    e-Form INC-24

    Seek Central Governement approval for the change by filing Form INC-24. This effects the name change successfully

    Change PAN  & TAN

    Change the PAN and TAN to reflect the new name

    Amend GST/IEC

    Modify GST and IEC to reflect the new name

    Change Name Board and Stationary

    Change the name board with the new name and also the stationary set to reflect the new name

    Documents Required

    ✔ MOA & AOA in MS Word format

    ✔ Existing Certificate of Incorporation

    ✔ List of Company Directors & Shareholders

    ✔ Proposed Name(s) in the preferred order

    ✔ Digital signature of the Authorized Signatory

    ✔ 10 letterheads and stamp of the Director

    Procedure of Name Change

    Approval of Directors

    Get the approval of all Directors to change the name of the Company

    Apply to ROC

    Once the new name has been fixed, an application to the ROC called RUN (Reserve Unique Name) is filed. A summary of the meeting of the Board of Directors is also submitted along with the application.

    Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

    Once the ROC approves the new name, a shareholders EGM must be initiated to take their approval. Directors must send a notice to shareholders atleast 21 days before the meeting. The EGM notice must contain the meeting agenda and the text of the proposed resolution that is to be passed..

    Special Resolution to ROC

    The special resolution requires 75% voting rights. Once the shareholders approve the resolution, the same needs to be filed with the ROC using Form MGT-14 for its approval, within 30 days from the date of the resolution. A prescribed fee is to be paid for this purpose.

    Application for Name Change Form INC-24

    The application to change the name of the company is filed using Form INC-24 along with an amended copy of the MOA & AOA, copy of the EGM Notice and a copy of the special resolution. Once they approve it, a fresh Certificate of Incorporation is issued in the new name of the company.