Change of Registered Office

Every company must maintain a registered office throughout their business lifetime as per Section 12 of  the Companies Act. A change of registered office address should be filed with the ROC using Form INC-22 within 30 days of the change. Additionally, if the new address is not within the current city limits, ROC or RD approval is mandatory.
The Companies Act has prescribed certain rules to be followed for shifting of the registered office. Nevertheless, the necessary documentation and the process is based on the kind of change effected on the office, including:
  • Change within the current city limits
  • Change outside the city but falling under the same ROC
  • Change outside the city falling under a different ROC
  • Change from one state to another
The Pratique CFO team is fully aware of the documentation requirements and the  process for each type of change and can help do this effortlessly.

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    Necessary Documents for filing Form INC-22

    ✔   New address of the company

    ✔   Ownership agreement if own premises, or rental agreement/rent receipt

    ✔   Utility bills of new premises and NOC from the owner, if rented

    ✔   Copy of the Board Resolution for filing with ROC

    ✔   Certification from Professionals (CA/CS/CMA)

    ✔   Form INC-22 with MCA fee

    Minimum requirements for LLP

    Procedure for Registered Office Change

    Fix the new address

    Identify the new address for shifting the registered office

    Rental Agreement/Sale Deed

    Ensure proper documentation of the premises be it rental agreement or sale documents

    NOC from Owner

    If the new premises is taken for rental, NOC must be obtained from the owner

    Board of Directors Meeting

    Pass a Board Resolution on the change of registered address in the Board of Directors Meeting

    File with ROC

    Use Form INC-22 to file the change with ROC

    Change of Stationary and Name Board

    Change the address in the company name board and stationary

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