Start-up India Registration

The “Startup India” scheme,  launched on January 16, 2016 by the Central Government, aims to promote and support start-ups in India by providing various benefits under the scheme.

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    Benefits of Start-up India Registration

    Tax Exemption

    Startups who are eligible can apply for tax exemptions for 3 consecutive financial years within the first 10 years.

    Fund of Funds in Start-ups Scheme

    Become eligible for the Fund of Funds Start-ups Scheme and avail funds from the INR 10,000 crore corpus

    Govt. Tender and Procurement Scheme

    Participate in tenders without prior experience or security deposit. Additionally, display products on Government e-marketplaces.

    Tax Relief

    Eligible start-ups get financial assistance from Accredited Investors, Non-residents, AIFs are also exempted under Section 56(2) (VIIB) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

    No Labour Law Inspection

    Start-ups can now self-declare and comply with guidelines and regulations without any fear of Labour Law inspections

    Discounts and Rebate

    Start-ups can enjoy 50% discounts on trademark fees and 80% rebate on patent filing fees.

    Foreign Investor Loans

    Start-ups can now avail loans from Foreign Investors easily upto $3 million for every financial year following simple RBI compliance guidelines.

    Acceptance of Deposits 2014

    Private companies can accept deposits from its members for a period of 5 years from incorporation as per the rules given in Acceptance of Deposits, 2014

    State Govt. Incentives

    State Govt. announces various loans and rebates for start-ups to get their business started

    Eligibility & Documentation

    Eligibility Check

    1. Private Ltd. Co./LLP/Partnership Firm
    2. If a company offers innovative products or services
    3. Company is not more than 10 years old
    4. Company turnover is below INR 100 crore
    5. The business model exhibits high potential of wealth creation and employment

    Documents Required

    1. Incorporation Certificate/Partnership Registration Certificate
    2. Write-up of the business model
    3. Company PAN card
    4. Company profile
    5. Corporate video & presentation (optional, but preferable)
    Minimum requirements for LLP